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Custom Bamboo Rods


We offer custom built bamboo fly rods built by the owner of Root River Rod Co.

Steve Sobieniak

Bamboo Repair and Restoration


We are experts in bamboo fly rods and their history. We offer restoration and repair services to keep these rods on the river. 

Bamboo Rod Collection


We have an extensive collection of vintage bamboo rods and related literature. 


Bamboo Fly rods for sale

Purchasing: Call or email the shop for additional information and 

photos as well as instructions for purchasing. 

Shipping: Purchases are shipped insured Priority Mail via USPS at cost. 

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RRRCo 8'2/2 5 wt "Pallisades"

This taper I fished for a week straight on larger western rivers and it never let me down. Flamed finish with blued hardware and light olive silk wraps. The cap and ring reel seat is over a box elder burl filler that came from a large piece of driftwood found at the "Pallisades" Madison River. Rod weighs 4.1 oz. It is a hollow built progressive taper with fast action. 

Made by Steve Sobieniak of Root River Rod Co, 




7' 5wt De Gere

 This rod is "as new" with plastic still on the cork. Made in 1992 this is Francis De Gere's fast action rod. Serial Number - FD103 2/2 format. Transluscent brown silk wraps, walnut burl slide band reel seat. This is a wonderful example of Digger's work. 

$950 or best offer. 

R1801   SOLD 


Orvis 7 1/2' Battenkill

Serial number 35537. Label on tube calls for HDH line (6 wt), although it casts a 5 wt line nicely. Excellent impregnated rod with very smooth cork. This rod is the sweet spot of fishing bamboo fly rods. In excellent condition, this rod weighs 3.8 ounces. Original bag and labeled tube.


R1803   SOLD


JM Reid 8' 5" 2/2 4 wt

Impregnated and with ferrules, this rod is everything you would expect from a spring creek 4 wt rod. Excellent condition. 

$1100 or best offer.   

R1808     SOLD


Orvis 7 1/2' Battenkill "Pat. Pend."

 This rod was made in 1949 by George Reid, and is an early patent pending impregnated 2/2 rod. The original label on the synthane tube calls for a HFG line (4 wt). The reel seat has a cork filler. Overall rod condition is excellent. Rod sold for $82.50 in 1959. Serial number 8865. It weighs 3.6 ounces. 

$800 or best offer. Sold



Kusse 1 oz 1 wt Baby Catskill

 A very special rod labeled "Prototype 94" this 6' rod casts a 1 wt line with authority as long as the wind is not blowing. 4" cork handle is smooth, butternut slide band reel seat with honey-colored silk wraps - all done in the Leonard tradition. Original tube and bag with hang tag. Excellent condition. $1400 or best offer. Sold



Kusse 3/2 7' 4 wt Black Troll

Another special rod from Ron Kusse. This flame finish rod with black tipped red silks and blued hardware is gorgeous. Swelled but all in the Leonard tradition, the hang tag reads "Serial number 4470 1 of 100, 3 3/4 oz. Black Troll" Both tips are 1/2" larger than the butt and mid. Original brass tube and bag. 

$1100 or best offer. 



7 1/2' Norling 5 wt

 This is the classic Norling "perfectionist" taper that the Norlings' have made for years. Never fished, this rod was made in 2017. This 2 piece rod is hollow built from a maker with very high standards. 

$1,200  Sold



Pennington 8' 6 wt 2/2 E

This Garrison Torper 2/2 E single tip rod is very high quality. Blonde cane with dark maroon wraps tipped in green. Like new and in excellent condition. 

$250 or best offer. 

R1807      SOLD


Edwards 7 1/2' 4 wt

This classic rod from the Edwards-Bristol era is a fine 4 wt dry fly rod. Hang tag is from Cook, Newton, and Smith - a tackle house in Boston that Edwards made some rods for. All sections are straight and onp is down 1/2" at the ferrule end. 




Heddon 3/2 7 1/2 4 wt

This classic trade rod from Heddon was made for Max Cook Sporting Goods and is named Stuick Special. This is a 1 1/2 f  3 peice  4 wt. The rod was restored by Scott Whitman several years ago. Mostly original with several new wraps and new varnish. One of the prettiest Heddons ever made IMO. sold




Leonard 38 ACM

This rod has never had a line on it. It's the last generation of Leonard rods made.  Serial #115. Exquisite workmanship and node work. Perfectly straight and flawless varnish. The only slightly parabolic taper produced by Leonard designed as a 7 ft 3 wt. 2.5 oz.

$1200 or best offer.


8' Leonard Fairy Catskill 39

 This pre-fire Leonard is a 3/2 has an actual weight of 2.3 oz. Whisper soft artistry with 2 wt or 3 wt line. Unbelievable elegance with translucent green wraps tipped with full intermediates. With a smooth 4 1/4" cork grip of 3/8" rings, butternut SB reel seat. Patent marks on 13/64 and 8/64 ferrules. English tungsten guides with snake stripping guide and Leonard hand made silver tip tops. Original bag and tube. Varnish and wraps are all very good as also the ferrule fit. 0ne tip down  4 3/4 '' other remaining sections full.  One of the rarest  slow-medium action true 3 wt 8' rods ever made.



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Leonard Catskill 38 1/2 7 1/2' 2 3/8 oz 3/3

Honey wrapped english twist guides with a snake stripper. this rod has three tips , one full one 1" down and one 1/2' down. Patented  ferrules 13/64 and 8/64. A fine lightweight classic having a swelled butt, 4 1/4" cork grip with butternut SB reel seat. Original bag and tube Actual rod weighs 2.6 oz. Varnish, ferrule fit and guides are all very good to excellent.  A very fine instrument for a 3 wt line.



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8' Orvis Battenkill 4 1/8 oz 2/2

This is a fine and lighter 8' Battenkill being the 4 1/8 oz model for a 5 wt modern line. Serial # 80450. Condition is excellent with only sign of use is a bit of soiling on the grip. Hard to find a nicer Battenkill in this configuration. Truly in excellent condition.



Fishing Inspired Art

Another Place and Time

 Painting by Les Kouba Original watercolor commissioned in 1959